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  • Duran Duran is pleased to be participating in War Child and O2’s “Passport Back To The Bars"
    Duran Duran is pleased to be participating in War Child and O2’s “Passport Back To The Bars", a week of one-off events offering incredible access to big name acts in the most intimate music venues – supporting War Child to bring hope and safety back to children in war zones, after an unprecedented year of violence.

    Produced by War Child, O2 and the Music Managers Forum, the Passport shows are a part of BRIT Awards Week 2015. These will be the smallest gigs making the biggest difference.

    Artists performing will include special shows from Duran Duran, Bastille and Ride (Mark Gardener and Andy Bell acoustic show) - the line up, dates, venues and details on how to win tickets will be announced in early January. To register for information visit www.warchild.org.uk/passport.

    The venues in London and Manchester will be tiny - around 300 capacity and smaller – and fans will get the chance to win tickets by donating to War Child.

    This marks ten years since War Child’s original Passport Back To The Bars shows for victims of the Iraq war, when acts included The Cure, David Gray, Elbow, Pet Shop Boys, Supergrass and Amy Winehouse.

    All the money raised will support War Child’s vital work saving children from the brutal effects of war in areas including Syria, Iraq and Gaza. These stripped back, intimate shows will have a life-changing impact for thousands of vulnerable children.

    Duran Duran’s John Taylor says: “Thousands of children are innocent victims in the war zones of adult conflict around the world. They are often being denied education and other basic human rights. We are looking forward to performing an exclusive event in London this coming February, in support of War Child and the important work they do in the regions where these children are suffering.

    This past year we have spent most of our time in the studio working on new songs, so we are very much looking forward to getting back onto a London stage for this special appearance.”

    Ben Knowles, War Child’s Director of Music says: “2014 saw more people displaced by war than any year since World War 2. It is a global emergency. These child refugees have no passports. They don’t get to choose where war sends them. The support of these bands and the generosity of music fans can send them hope.”
    Posted on 12-17-14
    Duran Duran VIP Fan Community Announces New GOLD Level Package
    The Duran Duran VIP Fan Community is very happy to announce the release of a brand new GOLD level package!

    The package features all of the exclusive content, contests and pre-sale ticketing opportunities included in the SILVER level (a $35 value) PLUS:

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    - Welcome letter from Simon Le Bon
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    The GOLD LEVEL is only $79.99 per year for these Limited Edition items and 12 Months of Exclusives! Members who renew will have their membership EXTENDED for an additional 12 months from their current expiration (and will receive all of the new GOLD level items).

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    - A phone call from a member of Duran Duran. Something you always wanted to ask? This will be your chance!!
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    - A lovely robe signed by Nick Rhodes (another one of a kind item!)

    Brand new members who join (or lapsed memberships that are renewed) will be entered into a contest to win autographed Duran Duran memorabilia and a prize pack containing a minimum of 6 (six) of the bands albums on CD.

    We will announce the winners on April 2nd, 2014. All you have to do to enter the contest is renew or sign up at www.duranduranmusic.com

    Thank you for your continued support of the band.

    DD VIP
    Posted on 02-19-14
    Members Only Section in the Duran Duran Webshop!
    Membership definitely has its privileges lately - and DD VIP Members are no exception! All members of the Duran Duran VIP Fan Community already get a 10% discount at check out, but now they have their own section! Just click in to the Duran Duran Web Shop , hit the VIP tab on left side, put in your user details, and explore your very own shopping area, with special items and further discounts. Make sure you visit the site often, as the merchandise, and great offers, will always be changing!

    Happy Shopping!


    DD VIP Fan Community
    Posted on 11-26-12
    Click Here to access the Members Only Pre-Sale/VIP page!

    Duran Duran are hitting the road in support of their album ‘ALL YOU NEED IS NOW’! Our community members will have early access to pre-sale tickets for these shows, before they are made available to the general public, and the opportunity to purchase a limited number of special VIP member-only packages!
    Posted on 02-11-11
  • Duran Duran Announce Two Summer Festival Shows
    Duran Duran has announced two summer Festival shows today.

    On June 20th, the band will be part of the Sonar Festival, in Barcelona, Spain. Tickets are on sale here.

    On June 27th, the band will be part of Night at the Park, The Hague, Netherlands. Tickets are on sale here.

    Duran Duran will also be performing a one-off show benefiting War Child UK at the Wilton Music Hall on February 19th. This amazing charity raises money for children in war-torn countries, with the band helping to auction off tickets to this intimate show.

    Follow duranduran.com for the latest on the band!

    Posted on 01-28-15
    Written Q&A with Producer Joshua Blair in the Exclusive Section!
    This isn't our first written Q&A with Josh Blair, but it's our first with him being a co-producer of a Duran Duran album!

    Josh has been working with the band since they began RED CARPET MASSACRE (then called REPORTAGE), and his relationship with the band, both musically and professionally, has continued to grow. There for every step of DD#14, Josh took some time to participate in our latest Q&A and let us know what it's like being in the Studio with Duran Duran!

    Check out his interview in the Exclusive section of the website!
    Posted on 01-12-15
    Duran Duran Year-End Favourites, 2014

    Favourite Concert of 2014

    For me, it was Peter Gabriel at Wembley. It was quite something! The “SO” album was one my favorites of the 80s, and he was playing the whole of the record. It was a very powerful experience.

    Favourite Album of 2014

    I've just become aware of an album of a band called Jungle. They’re pretty big in the UK, a new band from Southwest London. Their music has a Marvin Gaye retro feel. I love it.

    Favourite Event of 2014

    Julian was in his first nativity play as a Shepherd. Event of the year of me!

    Favourite Duran Duran Moment(s) of 2014

    Our whole trip to Austin was cool, and it got the appetite going again for playing live. I also loved seeing Austin Grand Prix.

    For me, the whole year has been about finishing up the record, with 10-12 hours a day in the Studio. It's sounding "awesome," as some of you Yanks might say!

    What You’re Most Looking Forward To In 2015

    The album escaping from the Studio, people hearing it, and playing live again. It's so exciting to work on something and then let it go out to the world, which is always such a great moment!


    Favourite Concert of 2014

    I saw Miley Cyrus this year, and I have to say, she was impressive. I also liked the Fleetwood Mac and Eminem shows I saw.

    Favourite Movie of 2014

    I haven’t seen that many movies this year. I saw the James Brown film, “Get On Up,” and enjoyed it very much.

    Favourite TV Show of 2014

    I am addicted to the show “Nashville,” I have to say. It is the best TV series about music. The ways the relationships are played out are so interesting to me. It is a Soap, I know that, but there are 3 or 4 songwriting bits on each episode, and it's so realistic. I find that show quite authentic in so many ways.

    Favourite Album of 2014

    There weren't many albums that really got my attention this year. I do love Mark’s single with Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk.” It is a fantastic track and deserves all the attention that it is getting.

    I have been on an Elvis tear this month. I got a CD compilation called "From Nashville to Memphis: The Essential '60s Masters,” and the third CD is made up of all the songs Elvis recorded in the 60s. It is so great to discover a trove like this.

    Favourite Book of 2014

    Of course, “The Glitter Plan: How We Started Juicy Couture for $200 and Turned It into a Global Brand” by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor!

    Favourite Event of 2014

    I went to see "The Winter's Tale" ballet this summer. It was mind-blowing and beautiful. Simon & Nick went on my recommendation and felt the same. On an artsy level, that was my high point.

    Favourite Duran Duran Moment(s) of 2014

    Getting back in the studio with Nile Rodgers with Mark producing is up there. It was amazing.

    After two days with Nile, my fingers were covered with band aids. He elevates my playing. It was so inspiring working with Nile, he raises my game. I still feel that level of elevation from the music we did together, and it really changed my attitude. It made me want to embrace that side of myself.

    What You’re Most Looking Forward To In 2015

    Getting the album out, putting a show together that's reflective of the new material. I try and stay in the moment, but this is what I hope will take place next year. 2014 has been a good and challenging year, work-wise. We finished on a high and feel good about things!


    Favourite Concert of 2014

    I didn't see too much this year. I saw Leonard Cohen, I thought he was amazing. And I also saw Fleetwood Mac, they were fantastic. I've been shoved away in a dark Studio, so I haven't been out much!

    Favourite Movie of 2014

    My favourite movie this year was “Cold in July” starring Katy’s friend Don Johnson. It was such an amazing movie and was reminiscent of “Winter’s Bone” with Jennifer Lawrence, which I also really loved. With “Cold in July,” you think it is going to be one thing, but it turns into something totally different.

    Favourite TV Show of 2014

    A few years ago it seemed that great TV was only coming out of America, but now the rest of the world is catching up. I’ve really liked “Happy Valley,” it is excellent. A bit dark, but so good, and produced in the UK.

    Favourite Album of 2014

    London Grammar’s “If You Wait” is absolutely stunning, both the album and the single. My other choice is Maarja Nuut's work. She is an incredible violinist from Estonia.

    Favourite Book of 2014

    I would say the Patrick Melrose novels - there's five all together, all written by Edward Aubyn. If you’re going to read them, start with "Never Mind."

    Favourite Event of 2014

    We celebrated my dad's 80th birthday party and that was the highlight of my year. It was wonderful.

    Favourite Duran Duran Moment(s) of 2014

    “Fashion Rocks” was it for me. It was a great event, lots of fun, great line up and people were excited by our performance.

    What You’re Most Looking Forward To In 2015

    We are going to release our album and get out to play some shows. I think the album is brilliant! However, it's a little long, so we are going to go back in, cut some songs, tighten it up, and then put it out!


    Favourite Concert of 2014

    I saw a few concerts in 2014 but probably the best show I saw was Kate Bush at Hammersmith Apollo in London. These were the first shows she'd played in many, many years. I had seen her in the late 70s, and I didn't think I would ever get to see her play live another time because she doesn't tour often. There was a real outpouring of great love for Kate Bush. The show was beautiful.

    Favourite Movie of 2014

    I didn’t see many, and really have to catch up before the Oscars, but for now I will say "Venus in Fur", the latest Roman Polanski movie. I thought it was dark, funny, bizarre & clever.

    Favourite Album of 2014

    FKA Twigs. I loved the cover of the album so much, it was inevitable I would love the content. I think she’s really inventive and different, with a new sound. Also, our boy Mark Ronson's album!

    Favourite Book of 2014

    I am very keen on a British photographer called Stephen Gill. He released several books this year which were fascinating, modern and strange. He has a unique vision.

    Favourite Event of 2014

    A lot of things come to mind for me, but I really enjoyed seeing Lady Gaga perform at the Harper’s Bazaar party in New York City. She was just remarkable and is an enormous talent.

    Favourite Duran Duran Moment(s) of 2014

    I love being in the Studio because the creative process excites me more than anything we do. Making the music is the heart and soul of it for me.

    This album has taken an awfully long time, we know, but we need the music to reach a standard that we all require. It has definitely been worth it, and I feel like this is the strongest album we’ve made since “The Wedding Album.”

    What You’re Most Looking Forward To In 2015

    Obviously, putting the album out. That always starts to generate excitement for what we do. I am looking forward to playing some shows and starting the cycle all over again. There will MOST CERTAINLY be a new Duran Duran album out in 2015!

    Posted on 12-31-14
  • Member Exclusive Kafe with John!
    John Taylor - first Kafe of 2015!

    A little scoop, a lot of great talk and, as always with JT, a thoughtful and relaxed atmosphere. Listen in the EXCLUSIVE section of the Fan Community website now!
    Posted on 01-23-15
    The smallest gigs… to make the biggest difference. Duran Duran perform in support of War Child
    War Child and O2 present
    The smallest gigs… to make the biggest difference
    February 16-24, 2015

    War Child and O2 are proud to announce the incredible full line-up, dates and venues for Passport Back To The Bars, a week of one-off events offering incredible access to some of the biggest names in music in the most intimate venues – supporting War Child after an unprecedented year of violence for children in war zones.

    Artists performing special shows include: Duran Duran, Elbow, Bastille, The Vaccines, You Me At Six and Ride (Mark Gardener and Andy Bell acoustic show). Each will be playing intimate venues including: Duran Duran gracing the splendour of Wilton’s Music Hall, London’s oldest remaining Grand Music Hall; Mark and Andy from Ride performing their first UK show together for over 20 years in the iconic surroundings of The 100 Club; Elbow returning to perform a stripped down set at the 200 capacity Roadhouse in Manchester, where they played their first gig as Elbow; Bastille putting on an incredibly intimate show for 100 lucky people in a living room in North London; The Vaccines performing their smallest London pub gig since their debut show in the capital; You Me At Six following their headline O2 show a week later with a show to fifty times fewer fans!

    Produced by War Child, O2, the Music Managers Forum and part of BRITs Week 2015, these will be the smallest gigs making the biggest difference.

    Tickets to all shows are available by lottery. Lottery tickets are available now from www.warchild.org.uk/passport or by texting the bands' keyword to 88450. Each entry costs £4.50 and gives a chance of winning a pair of tickets to the chosen show. And each entry makes an important donation to War Child, with all profits going to help the child victims of war.

    The full line up details:

    February 16th: The Vaccines, Dublin Castle, London
    Text VACCINES to 88450

    February 19th: Duran Duran, Wilton’s Music Hall, London
    Text DURAN to 88450

    February 19th: RIDE, 100 Club, London
    Text RIDE to 88450

    February 22nd: You Me At Six, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London
    Text YMAS to 88450

    February 23rd: Bastille, Sofar Sounds House Party, London
    Text BASTILLE to 88450

    February 24th: Elbow, The Roadhouse, Manchester
    Text ELBOW to 88450

    Lottery tickets to all shows are available from www.warchild.org.uk/passport lottery closes on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8 at midnight.

    The Duran Duran Fan Community will be giving away one pair of tickets to a member in good standing. If you are able to ATTEND please email DDVIP@magusentertainment.com with “War Child” in the subject line and we will pick a winner at random on February 3rd. The winner will have 24 hours to accept the tickets before we move on to the next randomly selected Fan Community member.

    All venues are tiny – between 100 and 300 capacity – giving fans amazing close-up access.

    This marks ten years since War Child’s original Passport Back To The Bars shows for victims of the Iraq war, when acts included The Cure, David Gray, Elbow, Pet Shop Boys, Supergrass and Amy Winehouse.

    All the money raised will support War Child’s vital work saving children from the brutal effects of war including Syria, Iraq and Gaza. These stripped back, intimate shows for a few hundred fans will have a life-changing impact for thousands of vulnerable children.

    Ben Knowles, War Child's Director of Music, says: "Many people in music spoke to War Child about wanting to do something in response to the crisis for children in Iraq, Syria, Gaza and other places. This response from so many great acts, doing something unique to encourage fans to support War Child is incredible. These will be the smallest gigs that can make the biggest difference. We thank all the acts, O2, MMF and The BRITs for all their support."

    Posted on 01-14-15
    All the Giveaway Winners! Exclusive! VIP Fan Community December Giveaways!
    It's December! You know what that means? The VIP Fan Community site is giving away something each week in December. Please keep checking here to see what the weekly giveaway is and WHO the winner(s) may be. Keep you membership up-to-date so if you're notified you can claim your prize!

    Giveaway #1: Signed CD from Duran Duran!
    RECIPIENT: Gillian Blakey. Congratulations Gillian

    Giveaway #2: Three 2015 DD Calendars!
    RECIPIENTS: Suzanne Lucas, Cindy Norton & Genevieve Bastien. Congratulations to you all!

    Giveaway #3: Three "In The Pleasure Groove" books signed by John Taylor!
    RECIPIENTS: Jacquelyn McHargue, Katie Sandstrom-Giles & Mary Lin. Enjoy the book!

    Giveaway #4: One "Notorious" Box Set!
    RECIPIENT: Michelle Vignault. Congratulations Michelle!

    Giveaway #5: Signed "Live from London" DVD!
    RECIPIENT: Rosa Elings. Congratulations Rosa!

    Posted on 12-01-14