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  • Members Only Section in the Duran Duran Store!
    Membership definitely has its privileges! DD VIP Fan Community members will be receiving an email which grants them access to the brand new Duran Duran Store website. Once you receive it you will be able to finalize your account by selecting a unique password. Make sure you visit the site often, as the merchandise, and great offers, will always be changing!

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  • #DDAD19 is here!
    “Nick was very much involved in our “space themed song” set list for our performance at the Kennedy Space Center, and he suggested we do this track. The original is such a good vocal, I didn’t want to do a “Simon Le Bon impersonation of Sting.” I started the song an octave below, but then I pulled my trousers up and went for it! I don’t think we will do this song again, but it was fun to perform.” – Simon, August 2019

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    Posted on 08-06-19
    So this happened in Los Angeles, February 27, 2019....Click here
    Posted on 03-13-19
  • New Katy's Kafe with Roger!

    Chatting about the recent tour dates, DJing, NASA and a little ole thing known as the 'next Duran Duran album,' Rog doesn't let us down despite the fact that both Roger & Katy had sore throats!

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    Posted on 09-18-19
    Q&A with Peavey's Chris Kelly
    We all know JT is a Peavey bass man - but did you know there's a guy at Peavey who specifically works (and hangs out) with John making sure he is getting what he needs from his bass playing? Well , there is, and that guy is named Chris Kelly, and he's nice enough to be this month's Q&A, which you will find in the member exclusive section!

    We're also giving three winners a pick from JT, so make sure your email info is up to date!
    Posted on 10-01-19