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Never stay down long enough that you can not get back up

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Born: January 6

aka: Jennifer Lauman Lee

Lives: Commerce City, Colorado
United States

Last Login: 2019-11-12 16:40:51

My Slogan:
Never stay down long enough that you can not get back up
About Me:
Born in the UK (dual citizen US), grew up in Ohio and Iowa, I learned to read music before words due to my parents giving me accordion lessons at the age of 3. I am in the military, work for United Airlines and am a licensed ham radio operator (KE0TBA). If you ask I will tell you how to deliver pizzas with Black Hawk helicopters....
Student//Soldier//Garbage Attendant/
Places I Have Lived:
Chicago, Boston, Denver, Iowa
Places I have Traveled:
UK, Germany, Australia, all over the US (current fave is San Diego)
Places I have Worked:
United Airlines (Catering), military (food service, truck driver, chaplain assistant),serviced student loans, Girl Scout camp leader
Schools I have Attended:
Teikyo Westmar University and Colorado Technical University
Grew up in:
Dayton, Ohio, rural Iowa, Chicago
Your Sign:
I have a ham radio (technician license) my call sign is KE0TBA. Favorite type of reading is non-fiction, I feel guilty if I read fiction ( I think it is like sugar for the soul... really really good, but not necessary)
Fav Quote:
And this too shall pass... (My Mom would always quote me to death and make me think things out and this was her favorite one to tell me.)
* You can speak your mind, but not on my time! - Billy Joel
Be kind for everyone is fighting a battle
Here For:
Old habits die hard and hoping to re-connect with Duranies from the friendship book days or someone to hang out with in Vegas for the shows...
Things I Like:
Not sure I have anyone that I admire in a complete context. I think that I am more of an attribute person....
Things I Don't Like:
politics that detracts from real human suffering,
Things I do in my freetime:
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
Dream Vacation
Visiting all of my pen-pals from around the world starting in Japan
Fav Music:
After DD, Hall and Oates, Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, Gordon Lightfoot, Michael Jackson, Etta James, John Williams and the Boston Pops, Rodgers and Hart
Fav CD:
Big Thing
Fav Song:
Secret Oktober, Palomino, Lay Lady Lay, Last Night in the City, Leave A Light On, Falling Down, My Antarctica, Skin Trade
Concerts Attended:
1987 Chicago (Strange Behavior), 1989 Chicago (Big Thing), 2015 (Paper Gods) Denver,
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
When I make Las Vegas in 2019!
Fav Movies:
Raiders of the Lost Arc, Bolt!, Star Trek, Star Wars anything, Romancing the Stone, Blazing Saddles,
Fav TV Shows:
South Park, Family Guy, that 70\'s show, Mr. Pickles, You, Gumball, Nova,
Fav Books:
C*nt, Gone With the Wind, You Have Been Lucky So Far,\\\" Goodbye, Sweet Girl\\\"
Fav Sports:
After having my hip replaced I am rethinking my views on sports and my participation in them...I was a dancer my whole life...
Fav Places:
You can find me on a back road on a mountain pass or a beach where the waves lap... In silence or in solitude is where I like to be away from the chaos of the electronic life. I honestly like going to cemeteries to view the art work and to see the monuments devoted to timeless love.
Fav Foods:
Currently growing into an Indian food obsession....
Fav Drinks:
I should say water, but sometimes I like whiskey and sometimes I like wine
My Politics:
Fav Art:
Impressionism or Modern
Be kind for everyone is fighting a battle
Facebook, Instagram
If I were an animal:
I would be my doberman, because she is so intelligent, cute and ferocious!
If I were King(Queen):
Make everyone be nice to each other.

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