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In life, there are no ordinary moments.

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Born: July 1

Lives: Chesterfield, Virginia
United States

Last Login: 2019-01-31 00:28:27

My Slogan:
In life, there are no ordinary moments.
About Me:
I am a mom, wife, teacher, writer, event-planner, charity fundraiser, and concert-goer.
Writer; Professor- English, Humanities, Business
Places I Have Lived:
Savannah, GA; Norfolk, VA; Richmond, VA
Places I have Traveled:
Mexico; Brazil; Nicaragua; Caribbean; all over the US
Schools I have Attended:
Armstrong Atlantic; Old Dominion University; Wake Forest University; University of Richmond
Things I do in my freetime:
Sail, write, read, sleep
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
On my computer (writing, surfing, or chatting on FB)
Fav CD:
AYNIN; Medazzaland
Fav Song:
Hold Back the Rain
Concerts Attended:
Portmouth, VA 2004; Voodoo MF 2006; Hammerstein NY 2007; Broadway 2007; NorthCarolina, Maryland 2008;Foxwoods 2008; Vegas 2009; Oklahoma 2011; Chicago 2011
Fav Drinks:
Anything with alcohol! I like good wines and top shelf tequila.
My Politics:
I am a conservative Republican with moderate tendencies. I love a civil political debate!
Fav Art:
I tend to own more modern pieces-- I have a numbered Edward Matisse "Girl in the Red Madras Headress and a collection from Isreali artist Ben Avram. I actually favor more Baroque pieces-- just can't afford those!
I'm on MySpace and Facebook.

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