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Born: March 20

Lives: Milford, New Hampshire
United States

Last Login: 2017-04-01 21:08:49

My Slogan:
Listen to that bass!
About Me:
Enjoying my 30s. Absolutely loving being a Mom. I\'m married to an amazing man.
Medical Billing Manager
Places I have Traveled:
Dominican Republic, Canada, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York City
Grew up in:
New Hampshire
Your Sign:
Music: Aside from Duran Duran I have a wide variety of musical tastes. Anything from Johnny Cash to Kesha.
Here For:
To indulge in my love for Duran Duran, and to have fun! Maybe make some friends with fellow Duranies.
Things I do in my freetime:
Read, watch movies, listen to music
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
Reading a good book
Dream Vacation
To travel around Europe
Concerts Attended:
Korn, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Recycled Percussion, Duran Duran
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
Just then next state over Massachusetts
Fav Movies:
I\\\'m such a movie nut I really can\\\'t choose just one favorite.
Fav TV Shows:
Fav Books:
My most recent favorite book is John\\\'s In The Pleasure Groove. I also love The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and anything by Dan Brown.
Fav Sports:
I\\\'m not big into sports, but I\\\'d say that the Red Sox are what I enjoy the most if I do watch anything.
Fav Places:
New York City. I never get sick of visiting there.
Fav Foods:
Chips and Salsa, with lots of cilantro!
Fav Drinks:
Coffee!! I also love midori sours
Fav Websites:
Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads
My Politics:
I have no interest in discussing politics
Fav Art:
Thomas Kinkade, I love his work.
If I were an animal:
I hope I\\\'d be a wolf! I\\\'ve always found them so beautiful, smart and fascinating!
If I were King(Queen):
Throw one hell of a party!

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