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My first DD contest entry!
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Becoming of the new duranie
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Becoming of the new duranie
Blog Post by: tigerbaby_k
2012-06-01 02:48:49

                     I was drawing something, I can't remember what though. But I was lying on the living room floor, mom was bored and started to search on 'Free on demand.' She started looking in the music section,"They have a new album out?" mom said confused. "Who?" I asked back. "A band called Duran Duran, I grew up with them in the eighties when I was your age."

                   She started playing the video called All you need is now... I heard this really different sound I had never heard before, synths. going "ooorah ooorah.. ooorah oorah." It grabbed my attention immediately. I turned my head fast and saw 4 squares with men in them, one in the botton left with very striking featues.. another on the botton right with brown hair, in the top left a man who was turning from his side to the camera haed on...but I couldn't help but be drawn towards the man in the top right...he had facial hair, and beautiful stunning eyes.

                   I dropped my pencil and paper and sat up straight to finish the video, I just sat there and took it all in, I was always waiting for the man with the beard to appear on the t.v. again, i found him to be so alluring, I couldn't help but just stare at him. The music was also beyond words for me to express...for me it was more synths. than I had heard in a lifetime. I fell in love with this music.

               I went to my grandmothers house and looked up 'Simon LaBon' only to find out it was wrong and that it was really 'Simon Le Bon' much better than what I thought lol. A small joke really only for me, but thought I might share it. My mom put in the 'Greatest' DVD she had for years but hardly ever played it, maybe 2 or 3 times with me around my entire life. I never really grasped onto it then but only because I was doing something, it was only ever playing when we were spring cleaning. I recognized Hungry like the wolf every time though.

            When I watched this 'Greatest' CD, and I mean really watched it, I saw these frilly shirts going everywhere, and the singing man again caught my eye.. not to mention the part where he was shirtless, hehehe! But near the end I remember the robot head from a few years back for cleaning, and thought that it was brilliant, I fell in love. And it just carried off from there, but this was the very beginning. If you want please do tell me your first memory of becoming a fan, I'd love a message from a fellow duranie.





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