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My first DD contest entry!
    (posted 2012-06-19 05:36:38)

Becoming of the new duranie
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Hello Earthlings!
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My first DD contest entry!
Blog Post by: tigerbaby_k
2012-06-19 05:36:38

        I resently entered the Duran Duran contest. Voting has just closed And I am just waiting to see the winner...hoping it is soon. The turning in my stomach from just pure anxiety. There were many good designs, I still stand by mine, but I do wish the best for everyone... the winner reseves:

-Meet-and-greet with the band

-2 plane tickets to a concert for the North American tour

-2 concert tickets

       The chance for any of these.. i mean just the thought of ANY, but esp. the meet-and-greet is just surreal to me. I have not won, but like I said, just the thought. I would love to present my poster to the guys, I honestly think they would love it. They were supposed to vote on it, so if they did...I hope they really did like it. Our poster (Mom and I...I am under age to be alone, but I AM able for entry) is very clean...we didn't make it completely literal as some did. But as I said, I loved looking at them all. Instead what we did for our letters, we made them a sort of diamond/silver/clear feeling...with all the songs from the DVD in a darker diamond shade.

       Even if we don't win.. I would just like to say how much fun and inspiration this brought up in my household. I would like to thank everyone who voted for my piece...I can't stress enough how appreciated the votes are. It is true when someone says every vote counts, so thank you everyone. I would like to thank my mom for letting me join this contest..it was right up my alley since I love doing art work. And the last few people I would like to thank is

Simon, John, Nick, Roger, Dom, and I am guessing Wendy for making up this contest and filming the concert live.. I am really looking foward to seeing it (A Diamond In the Mind) There are so so many other things I want to thank the guys for but maybe another time, maybe in another blog. Yes I am getting this from Mr. Le Bon...


 signing off for now ♥ Kristen Boone



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tigerbaby_k said:
If anybody is confused about the age comment I have up here...it said you must be at least 14...I am higher, I am just lower than 18

(2012-06-19 05:40:03)