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Duran Duran songs
Blog Post by: THELEOPARD
2016-04-10 20:23:12

my favorite songs and why

1 Meditarania 

great guitar sounds the song is catchy all the way through the song great lyrics and when I first heard the song I thought it was the same Duran sound of the earlier music but to recreate that sound for the new album was brillant I think its one of the best songs so far Great song

2/Ordinary World

such a powerfull song with such brilliant lyrics timeless song 

3 pressure off great dance song from the great guitarist and prouducer Mr Nile Rodgers and Duran Durans sound 

great song 

4the Reflex fle fle flex great Nile Rodgers track 

5 Salt in the rainbow sadly this song was not realeased but I love it 

6 The man that stole the Leopard a mystical song with so many interesting sounds and guests on the song great drum macine sounds and old drums that were used for this track but also the synth sounds from they no1 keyboard player in the World Mr Nick Roades another Duran classic song brilliantly done 

7 The Chauffer what a great song very simular to the Loepard and thats what makes my favourite band so special these great classic songs 

8 Falling down I like this song because it was a differant sound again and a great guitar sound from Dom Brown all the way through the song 

9/Secret October I like the Seven the Ragerd Tiger that album has some awsome sounds on every song and this song was another great classic

10/Paper Gods when I first heard this song I thought it sounded totaly differant and what great lyrics from Simon Le Bon it must have took you ages to write very cleverly done

there are many more songs I like but these are just some of my favourites 

I hope Duran will read this and other Duran Duran fans

to let the band know that your fans really appreciate your music and that is why I have taken the time to list my favourite songs keep on making Duran Duran songs lads because I love listerning to your music ever since 1979 when I first heard Planet Earth 

RESPECT always to my favourite band Duran Duran

The Loepard





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