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Verona concert 2016
Blog Post by: THELEOPARD
2016-06-13 12:19:34

What a night even though it thunderd heavey on arrival even though it poured the heavens down was I going to miss my favourite band never and your right Simon us Duran Duran fans are terrific because nothing would stop us going to see our favourite band Duran Duran ,when I was first told the concert was not going to be on I was a bit down but then I went back and asked are you sure the concerts not on and then they said yes its going to be on well I was really pleased and the band were terrific with the fans you lifted the crowd as soon as you came on stage and yes the rain then stopped it was so nice that nicks birthday was celebrated with the opera singer singing happy birthday I enjoyed listerning to the Bloom twins and I like there new single amnesia 

many thanks to my favourite band it was well worth traverling to see you in italy but for me Duran Duran are part of my life before I left Verona what really ended a nice trip was getting some Duran memoribilia the tour poster as I collect anything to do with Duran Duran I consider myself as your no1 fan and please keep making great albums hopefully one day we will meet up and discuss about music I respect you so much Simon,Nick,John,Rodger,

I hope you read this to realise just how much your fans respect you and your music 

Thank you 

The Leopard and good luck with the rest of your US tour 





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