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Unstaged for the first time.
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Unstaged for the first time.
Blog Post by: Kae1970
2016-12-11 01:22:33

Currently watching \"Unstaged\" for the first time. It\'s interesting how I know certain songs by their first note. Sure wish my greyhound, Tory, was as excited about Duran Duran as I am.  LOL  This so makes me want to get out my guitar and play. I haven\'t played in so long. I miss playing, and I have a broken gear, so my guitar does not hold a tune. This is what happens when you allow someone who has no idea about classical guitars and the fact that they are made for CLASSICAL strings that are nylon or catgut (sp?) and not steel strings. Yes, my little classical guitar that I have had since I was 14 is broken because it has steel strings on it. Not cool. Anyway, I\'ve been thinking about buying a new one with my Christmas bonus from work.  We\'ll see... Will need to purchase an amp to go with whatever I buy.  Not buying anything quiet... Haha... Good luck neighbors. I live in a duplex. Hahahahahaha!!!!



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