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Blog Post by: Kae1970
2017-03-25 20:03:25

So, changes on the way!!! I am 46 and going back to school.  I need to move out of IL because our corrupt government has a spending habit I cannot support. I\'m getting taxed and taxed such that it is like squeezing a lemon that is dry. I\'d like to move back to beautiful North Carolina. I need to wait until after my son graduates from high school, because I pulled one kid from school at a sensitive age, and it was detrimental to his education. He just could not adjust, so I missed out on his teen years when he moved back to NC to live with his dad and be near his friends. I will not take my younger son away from his friends and all he knows this time. Sometimes, you just learn the hard way. SO- moving after he graduates.


I looked at the job market at real estate market in NC to see what\'s up there. I found that most nursing jobs require a BSN nowadays, and if they hire someone with an ADN degree (what I have), the new hire must enroll in a BSN program typically within two years of hire and complete the program within five years. So, I\'m starting back to school with prereqs with the summer term. I\'ll take whichever course I can get to start with. I need chemistry (since the chem I took before the ADN program doesn\'t transfer), microbiology, statistics (although the class I had in the CJS BA program I completed years ago may count), and possibly a logic course. I need at least the science courses prior to starting the nursing program. I will take stats by itself as it is really hard.


Music- On the music front, I am still looking for a new guitar. I am such a penny pincher, and I am so indecisive about what I want. I would like an Ibanez Talman style electric acoustic. Just haven\'t found the right guitar for the right price yet. I\'m looking at new and used guitars. Have been to a few different shops, and have been looking online. I may not get the Talman style guitar. I may go with a different one. Depends on what I find that I like. I like the look of the Ibanez Talman style. I have found that I like other guitars\' sounds better though. So, tough decision especially since money is an issue. I\'ve had the guitar I currently own since age 14. It is in good condition. Needs a little work, but it\'s playable. I think I can get something new after 33 years... \"Smile\"   Something I have never thought about is how I have been playing for so many years, but have NEVER attempted to play ANY Duran Duran!!!! My favorite group since age 13, and I don\'t know ANY of their music. Surely I could figure it out pretty quickly though.  \"Cool\" 


That\'s all for now folks. 





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