***Please note: If you are not sure on how to do any of the below or where to find certain things, please visit the FAQ section, which is located at the bottom of the page, for more information.

Now that you have your Room and Profile looking good, it’s time to see what the S101 features and community are all about!

Photos are a great way to search for people who look interesting to you.  If you go to the Photos link in the top left hand navigation area, you will see a link for Photos.  Head there and start exploring!  You can look through a user’s photos and if you want to connect with them, simply add them to your Watchlist!

Lounge, also in the top left hand navigation area, is a great place to hang out, see what’s new, play online games, look for users to connect with, participate in live chat with other users, check out blogs and photos and more!
People search, also in the top left hand navigation, is another great way to look around for people to connect with.  

Ratings are a good way to see what other users think about someone’s Room and presence.  You can also rate a Room you visit, simply look to the right hand side of their page!