Want to make a Photo Gallery to show all your favorite pictures to the rest of the Community?

It's easy, check it out!

  1. Once you are logged into My Room, scroll down to the My Pics section of the website
  2. Click the Create New Gallery link
  3. You will then see an option to Rename the Gallery
  4. Click that option
  5. Name the Gallery whatever you would like (for instance, if it is photos from last summer's vacation call it Summer Vacation)
  6. You will see the name of the Gallery has changed
  7. Then, to upload photos, click Upload to the Gallery
  8. You will see a pop up window that allows you to browse folders on your computer to upload photo files
  9. You can upload 7 photos at a time, but you can repeat the process to add as many photos to that gallery as you would like
  10. Click submit once you have chosen your photos
  11. Another window will appear where you confirm you want to upload; click OK
  12. Then, your will see the photos you have uploaded
  13. If you wish to keep the gallery, you can add to it later
  14. If you don't want to keep it, you may click 'Delete the Gallery'. PLEASE NOTE:  once you have deleted a gallery, it is GONE!
  15. You can continue to create as many galleries as you would like!