What are the different areas in Settings?

My Settings can be found in the top right hand corner of your page, in the Sign In area.  My Settings is where you control everything from your profile information, to email address and all things in between.

Once you are there…

My Room Design is how you customize the look of your Room.  Simply upload URL’s to images that show everyone who you are!

My Personal Info is where your username, password, email address, etc., is controlled.  You can also control what emails you receive from S101 and its communities.   Also important, you can fill in your contact information, etc.  This is all kept private and is used to help bring you information and keep you in the loop.

My Public Profile is what others see when they visit your room.  You can offer as much or as little information as you would like.  We encourage you to fill in the profile fields, as they are fun, and a great way to help you connect with other people in the S101 community!

My Web Links is where you can place links to your other major social networks, like Myspace, Facebook, and Flickr.  These will be permanently embedded in your top-level navigation on your S101 site, and you will be able to navigate to them at any time!  The best part – you never have to leave the comfort of your S101 Room!

My Websites is where you will find the various S101 communities you are a part of; more communities that may be of interest to you will become available soon.

Once that is all in order, head to your Room and start expressing yourself through words (Blog) and photos (Photo Galleries)!  You can get into your room either via the link in the top right hand navigation area (where you got to your Settings)