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Written: Q&A With Nathan Stack

Mr. Nathan Stack, also known as “Nate Dog” to some, runs the Duran Duran MySpace page. He was running it on his own for some time when the band came calling, and instead of asking for it back (Katy had enough to do) they asked Nathan if he’d be kind enough to run for them. Thankfully for us, he said “yes.” Nathan Stack, this Q&A’s for you!

1) Why Duran Duran? Or do you run MySpace pages for a variety of musicians and no one knows it?

I just do it for Duran Duran and myself, at least so far. I joined MySpace in late 2004 primarily to promote my own music, having no idea MySpace would become such a popular site or that it would come to play such a big part in my life. I certainly never could’ve imagined I’d end up running an official page for my favorite band.

2) When did you first become interested in Duran Duran? Was there a moment that inspired you?

I got into Duran Duran in 1984, when I was 9 years old. The moment that really hooked me is when I went to a friend’s house after school one day and we watched the video for “The Reflex” on an afternoon music video show. From that day on, no other band has compared to Duran Duran for me.

3) What made you decide to run the MySpace page? Did you already have a fan site?

Not long after I joined MySpace, I noticed that Duran Duran didn’t have a presence on the site, so I created a fan-tribute profile for them. Actually, the main reason I created it was so that no one would take and possibly abuse the address myspace.com/duranduran. I wanted to make sure that if people visited that address they’d find current and useful information about the band. I ran it that way for a year, and its list of friends grew considerably in that time. Then the band’s management got in touch about making it official, and it’s been an adventurous three years since!

4) What is some of the feedback that you’ve received from fans? Do they email you with comments?

I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from fans. People are thankful when they find out a bit of news or information about the band on MySpace that they might not have otherwise come across. It’s great to be in touch with the band’s fan base every day and to keep them in tune with what the band is doing. In addition to the numerous old-school DD fans who are on MySpace, I’ve encountered a number of young fans who have discovered the band just in the past few years. You could say I have a front-row seat for watching Duran Duran’s music cross generational boundaries, and it’s an awesome thing to see.

5) What was it like when the band asked you to come to a meeting to discuss the MySpace page?

Unquestionably one of the most memorable days of my life. I got to visit the band at a New York photo studio, where they had just taken the group photo for the inside of the “Red Carpet Massacre” album booklet (as well as some photos with a certain author of a certain book called “Would Someone Please Explain?”). We discussed ideas for the profile’s design and features, and looked through some other bands’ MySpace pages (which yielded some pretty entertaining commentary from Nick!).

6) What were your impressions of the band after meeting them for the first time?

That they care deeply about their fans and really love what they do. They’re always thinking about what they can do next to keep this experience interesting for their fans and for themselves. The first time I met all four guys, they gave me an incredibly warm reception. Definitely another day that’ll always be one of my favorite memories.

7) You’ve gone to quite a few DD shows since you began running the MySpace page. Do any stand out to you?

I was fortunate to be able to visit New York for the last two shows of their Broadway run in November 2007 – those were the two shows that had to be moved to the Roseland Ballroom because of the strike on Broadway. Between the boundless energy of the band members and the fact that they played the entire “Red Carpet Massacre” album, those were two of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

8) Which band member do you think is most involved in the page?

Definitely Nick. Of all the guys, Nick’s the one who’s most interested in the details of Duran Duran’s presence online and elsewhere. He’s like an art-school student who wants to dabble in every medium possible.

9) Who provides the best playlists? (The band update the MySpace page with a playlist every couple months.)

They’re really all equal in this respect. It’s always a treat to see what they’ve chosen because they offer a well-rounded and often unconventional mix of tracks from their catalogue. They love throwing in B-sides, remixes and other rarities.

10) How much time a week do you think you devote to this?

That’s usually directly proportional to what the band’s doing at the moment. When they’re heavily promoting an album and/or touring, it’s not uncommon for me to spend a dozen hours or more a week on the profile posting news, running contests, answering fans’ questions, etc. In between those busy times, it’s considerably less work, although it’s always a significant part of my daily routine.

11) Favorite Duran Duran song?

I’ll always cherish “The Reflex” as the song that made them my favorite band, but “Midnight Sun” is my absolute favorite song of all time.

12) I heard a rumor you recorded a song for a Duran Duran tribute album. Tell us about it.

A decade ago (wow – it’s really been that long!), I contributed a cover of “Girls on Film” to an album called “Glue: A Tribute to the Music of Duran Duran.” I recorded my cover on a simple four-track cassette machine and played/sang everything myself. All the artists on the album are genuine fans of the band, and some of the profits from sales go to a great charity called RAINN. The album is sold online at cdbaby.com/duran.

13) Best and worst thing about running the MySpace page?

The worst thing is probably dealing with people who’ve made it their mission to disparage the band and spread their negative views. But that’s minor compared with the best thing about running the page, which is knowing that I’m doing something useful and important for my favorite band, that I’m playing a role, however small, in their career and history.

14) You and your wife just moved to Los Angeles. Any plans to meet up with John Taylor for breakfast?

Hey, if John’s got the time, I know a great place for breakfast in Hollywood!

Thank you Nate Dog!