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If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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Born: May 7

aka: Arlene Williamson

Lives: Calgary , Alberta

Last Login: 2019-10-25 14:50:20

My Slogan:
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
About Me:
Currently co-owner and director a new boutique dental clinic in Calgary. I love traveling and finding out about history and art. When I\\\'m home I like ethnic cooking and cocktail culture. I\\\'m always interested in seeking out vintage clothing and kitch.
Director, Clinic Services
Places I Have Lived:
Regina, Ottawa, Edmonton and now Calgary, Canada!
Places I have Traveled:
Europe: England, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Greece. Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Pemba, Zanzibar, North America: Canada, from sea to sea, USA. Caribbean: Antigua, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Bahamas, Grenada. Asia: Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam.
Places I have Worked:
My background is in photography styling, account management in retail advertising and finance.
Schools I have Attended:
University of Regina, Carleton University, Investment Funds Institute of Canada, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Grew up in:
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Your Sign:
Pop Culture, Culinary Arts, Fine Arts, Music (all types), Wine, Cocktail Culture, Photography, Fashion, Technology, Advertising & Marketing, Architecture, Philosophy
Fav Quote:
\\\"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change\\\". W. Dyer
\\\"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken\\\". Oscar Wilde
Work hard, treat people as you want them to treat you.
Be thankful for what you have.
Live with passion.
Here For:
Things I Like:
My grandmother (her grace & kindness), my grandfather (his bravery and work ethic), Mother Theresa (her generosity), David Bowie (his intellect & creativity), Oscar Wilde (his sense of humour), Steve Martin (his talent), Andy Warhol (so many more...
Things I Don't Like:
Laziness, arrogance, pushiness, those who feel \\\"entitled\\\", rudeness, unimaginative people, selfishness, bad manners.
Those who don\\\'t make an effort to dress up when going out in public.
Things I do in my freetime:
travel, take photographs, cook, go to galleries & museums, go for a cocktail, go to wine tastings, go to culinary events, read, plan my business, going to a concert or going to see a comedian.
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
Watching a movie or cooking.
Dream Vacation
Paris! Again!
Fav Music:
New Wave, Alternative, Punk, Dance, Funk, Jazz.
Fav CD:
Duran Duran, Duran Duran
The Cult, Love
Violator, Depeche Mode
Prince, The Black Album, Emancipation, Purple Rain
Fav Song:
Planet Earth, Duran Duran
Nirvana, The Cult (long story)
Concerts Attended:
Prince, Duran Duran, Stone Temple Pilots, Teddy Thompson, Liberace, Alice Cooper, The Waltons, TPOH, Billy Joel, Elton John, Madonna, The Cult, Micheal Buble,Crowded House, Shirley Jones & the Dap Kings, The Gypsy Kings, Colin James. Local blues and jazz.
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
To Las Vegas
Fav Movies:
When Harry Met Sally, Magnolia, How To Marry A Millionaire, Charade, The Godfather, Citizen Kane, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Bridget Jones, Kingsman, The Secretary, Boxing Helena, A Room With A View, Eyes Wide Shut, Goodfellas, The Saint, Mildred Pierce,
Fav TV Shows:
Mad Men, The Vikings, Graham Norton, The Knick, Fawlty Towers, The Voice, BBC Mini Series, Hotel Secrets, The Great Sewing Bee, The Great British Baking Show.
Fav Books:
Pride & Prejudice, Philosophy, Art Books, Biographies
Fav Places:
Paris, France, Juan Les Pins, France, Las Vegas, USA, Negril, Jamaica, Chicago, USA, New York, USA, Pemba, Tanzania, London England, Dublin, Ireland, Banff, Alberta, Bali, Indonesia.
Fav Foods:
Good French cheese, Sunday roast, Jamaican jerk chicken, high tea, authentic Mexican, charcuterie, Canadian beef, ethnic food: Ethiopian, Thai, French, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese.
Fav Drinks:
A good cup of Earl Grey tea, Negroni, Rosé, Kir Royale, Sancerre, vintage cocktails.
My Politics:
To the right of centre.
Fav Art:
Modern, Classic Greek, French (anything)
Work hard, treat people as you want them to treat you.
Be thankful for what you have.
Live with passion.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
If I were King(Queen):
Dismiss our prime minister.

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