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Live life to the fullest and see Duran Duran preform live!

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Born: December 8

Lives: helmond,

Last Login: 2016-05-17 08:43:30

My Slogan:
Live life to the fullest and see Duran Duran preform live!
About Me:
Longtime Duran Duranfan! Love meeting new duranies. I run the Dutch and Belgium facebookforum : Celluloid Dream!
Nurse, Gyaru girl!
Places I Have Lived:
Paris, Helmond, Geldrop
Places I have Traveled:
Venezuala, Turkey, New York, London, Birmingham, Bonn, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam,
Places I have Worked:
Paris and Eindhoven
Schools I have Attended:
Nursing school
Grew up in:
The Netherlands
Pink leopard trousers, pink boa\'s and Duran Duran
Fav Quote:
Put the pink boa\'s in the air!
None of the above
Here For:
Having fun!
Things I Like:
Duran Duran..no need to explain!
Things I Don't Like:
I love the Gyaru culture in Japan. And love to look different! I worship the Alien. Everything Nick does, i love. Synthesizers are my best friends!
Things I do in my freetime:
I believe that every person has something good! But i don\'t admire , people who don\'t respect other people!
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
I also love to talk photographs and doing Bridal make up and hair!!
Dream Vacation
Watching some Duran Duran dvds or going to the museum
Fav Music:
London! You can never visit London enough!
Fav CD:
Everything between Goose, SX, Duran Duran, Depeche mode
Fav Song:
Duran duran first album!
Concerts Attended:
Lady ice (Arcadia)
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
To many name...1987 till today!
Fav Movies:
It by S.King
Fav TV Shows:
The Excorsist
Fav Books:
Birmingham and Berlin!
Fav Sports:
Fav Places:
I Poledance!
Fav Foods:
Fav Drinks:
Fav Websites:
None of the above
If I were an animal:
I would be a leopard...
If I were King(Queen):
Make everything look pink!

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