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Obstacles are put in your way so that you can discover the magnitude of the strength you possess

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Born: October 1

Lives: Uithoorn,

Last Login: 2014-04-02 08:40:23

My Slogan:
Obstacles are put in your way so that you can discover the magnitude of the strength you possess
About Me:
Want to know something? Just ask me ;-)
Stay at home mom
Places I Have Lived:
Uithoorn, Hilversum, Saoudi Arabia
Places I have Traveled:
Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, France, Greece, Spain, England
Places I have Worked:
Too many to put in here but I am a certified Swiminstructor and worked many places as an allround administrator
Grew up in:
Your Sign:
Duran Duran!!
Fav Quote:
"Modernism is a position and it does not look back."
My own:
"Change is continuous, every time you read a book or listen to music, talk to a friend or a stranger. Each time you experience something new, there it is again so don't forget... Save Changes"
I believe in myself ;-)
Here For:
The latest info of my alltime favourite band, pre-sale options and connecting with other fans
Things I Like:
John Taylor!
Things I Don't Like:
Backstabbing, Lying... you know, the usual inhumane actions
Things I do in my freetime:
Write, read a book or play a little on fb
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
Home with a hot cup of tea and a good book
Dream Vacation
In a warm place with a lot of nature around me...and a DD gig to go to
Fav Music:
Duh... Duran Duran!!
Fav CD:
Love them all
Fav Song:
Pretty ones (for now)
Concerts Attended:
Holland: Rotterdam on may 7th 1987
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
Am about to go the farthest...probably Italy
Fav Movies:
The green mile, the shawshenk redemption
Fav TV Shows:
Hardly watch tv
Fav Books:
The secret, A new world by Eckhart Toller, The 50 Shades Trilogy etc, etc, etc
Fav Sports:
Swimming, Zumba, and soccer < to watch
Fav Foods:
Seafood, Sushi
Fav Drinks:
Non Alcoholic: Bitter lemmon, cassis, tea and water
Alcoholic beverages: Wine and beer
My Politics:
Not going there
Fav Art:
Surealism, I LOVE Salvador Dali
I believe in myself ;-)
[email protected]​facebook.com
If I were an animal:
I'd be a panther
If I were King(Queen):
I'd include Duran Duran in the Queens next Honour list

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