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Born: May 27

Lives: Plainfield, Illinois
United States

Last Login: 2019-09-15 01:19:26

About Me:
I AM WOMAN! HEAR ME ROAR!! LOL Just kidding. I am a child of God first and foremost. Then I am a MOM, a nurse, and - Oh my goodness- SERIOUSLY DURANIFIED!!! LOL Yeah, and my mom thought this was just a phase. 30+ yrs is a long phase, Mom!! I have fur babies: a mutt, a chi-papillon mix, a greyhound, and a cat.
Places I Have Lived:
Chicago area, Illinois; Plattsburgh AFB, NY; East Grand Forks, MN; Grand Forks AFB, ND; Goldsboro (SJAFB), NC; Princeton, NC; Mt. Olive, NC (yes, where the pickles come from!)
Places I have Traveled:
Been to several states in the US, mostly on the East Coast and in the Midwest. France, England, Canada.
Places I have Worked:
Too many places to list as I was a military wife, and we moved around a lot. I currently work in a busy Pain Management Ambulatory Surgery Center in the Chicago suburbs.
Schools I have Attended:
Illinois State University, Wayne Community College, College of DuPage.
Grew up in:
South suburban Chicago area.
Your Sign:
My interests change a lot over time. Currently, I have been- and always have been- very into music. I sing and play guitar. I\'m seriously rusty on the guitar. I\'ve had a broken gear for a long time, and it doesn\'t hold a tune. I love to dance. I entered college as a dance major, but injured myself such that I could not dance en pointe. I changed my major because I felt that if I couldn\'t do ballet, which is the basis for all dance, why stick with it? So, I changed my major, and the course of
Fav Quote:
\"God is good all the time. And all the time, God is good.\"
Here For:
To be connected- with the guys in the band, the people in the fan club, and hopefully those people on this Earth that are as into Duran Duran\'s music as I am!!
Things I Like:
I admire people who are strong. People who have been through things and still keep going on. Keep pushing through; who grow through their experiences.
Things I Don't Like:
People who act like complete cry babies when they don\'t get their way. People who use foul language constantly. Really, neither of these things are appropriate. Also, people who walk around acting like they are better than everyone else.
Things I do in my freetime:
Dance, sing, listen to music, swim, Zumba, shop, go out and be social with friends, read... I\'d play my guitar if it wasn\'t broken... crochet... movies with my son. Writing- haven\'t done it in awhile, but I like to write.
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
Usually at work! If I\'m off, sitting in for a good movie, hanging out with my son, out at the movies, out out out!
Dream Vacation
Oh, I have to go back to England to see where my grandfather grew up... Also wine country in France. Skiing in Switzerland or Austria. Sitting on a beautiful beach in my beach chair with loads of sunscreen, my umbrella, a drink with a little umbrella hanging out of it, my feet in the water, and my currently non-existent dream man at my side. LOL
Fav Music:
Did you really have to ask??? DURAN DURAN!! Since age 13!! I love most 80s music- U2, Howard Jones, The Cure, REM... Moving forward Nirvana, Justin Timberlake, more. Christian music- Mandisa, old Amy Grant stuff, Kari Jobe, Matthew West, Building 429, Newsboys, Of King and Country, Third Day, and more.
Fav CD:
Right now, I\'m listening to Paper Gods ALOT. :-) Have always loved Rio, so it\'s a really hard decision there.... And then t
Fav Song:
Only In Dreams, What Are The Chances?, Last Chance On The Stairway, Palomino, Land, The Edge of America (those last three in
Concerts Attended:
Chicago- Big Thing tour \'89, The Powerstation Tour, Ravinia 7/9/16.
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
2 hrs.
Fav Movies:
Titanic, Forrest Gump, Star Wars movies, Center Stage (a dance movie), Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly/Matthew McFadyan), Sense and Sensibility (Alan Rickman/Kate Winslet/Emma Thompson), DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, Harry Potter movies
Fav TV Shows:
Chicago Med, The Walking Dead, Grey\'s Anatomy, Dancing With The Stars, Downton Abbey, Masterpiece, Secrets and Lies.
Fav Books:
Just finished JT\'s autobiography. Harry Potter series, Hunger Games trilogy. Jane Austen books. I read a lot of Christian books. I do a lot of Bible study. I read my Bible daily.
Fav Sports:
Hockey, Softball (to play, not watch), NASCAR (only to be at the race), swimming, gymnastics, figure skating
Fav Places:
Chateau Chenenceau, France. Amboise, France. Avebury, England. London, England. Downtown Chicago (Sweet Home, Chicago!!). Kure Beach, NC. Paris, France!!! The architecture in Paris is just so incredible. The whole city is just one seriously huge work of art with just an incredible amount of contributors. I was completely in awe when I was there, and felt that I belonged there, like I should have been there all my life.
Fav Foods:
Filet mignon with asparagus, a baked potato, and salad. Lamb chops. Many different kinds of ice cream, but it must have chocolate and caramel in it.
Fav Drinks:
TEA- most kinds, but mostly fruity or spicy chais. Also, Wild Cherry Pepsi.
Fav Websites:
Duranduran.com, Pinterest
My Politics:
I am pretty conservative.
Fav Art:
Dance. Impressionists\' art.
I am a born again Christian. I consider myself a non-denominational Christian.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
If I were an animal:
I\'d be some kind of large cat. I love the big cats. My fave at the zoo!

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