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Life begins when you get out of the comfort zone...take that big leap, live life to the fullest and never, never look back! My philosophy: I see, I want, I get, I conquer.

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Born: January 3

Lives: Hyattsville, Maryland
United States

Last Login: 2018-12-05 15:26:27

My Slogan:
Life begins when you get out of the comfort zone...take that big leap, live life to the fullest and never, never look back! My philosophy: I see, I want, I get, I conquer.
About Me:
I don't need 256 characters to sum me up. In two words:
Program Coordinator of Adult Education Programs: English as a Second Language, GED and Computers
Places I Have Lived:
New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland
Places I have Traveled:
United Kingdom (London & Sheffield), Hawaii, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Canada, California, Arizona, Florida, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Las Vegas Nevada
Places I have Worked:
Daycare, Elementary School, district and federal government, associations, restaurants, elder care facilities, non-profit organizations, hospitals
Schools I have Attended:
Public and Private Schools, Strayer College
Grew up in:
Washington, DC
Your Sign:
Capricorn - 100% I eat, I climb to the highest heights
Travelling, Meeting people around the world, learning languages, music, dancing, singing, hiking, cooking, art, birdwatching, star gazing, photography, reading, video games, museums, art, writing, fashion
Fav Quote:
Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. - Forest Gump

Be Different No Matter The Cost - My 7th Grade Teacher Brother Frank

Only change can bring you out of the darkness - Duran Duran
I believe you can achieve anything and make all things possible with faith.
Here For:
Fun, leisure, social networking with other Duranies, to be abreast daily on what our boys are doing, to share stories about DD
Things I Like:
I admire both John Lennon and John Taylor. John Lennon for spreading peace and John Taylor for spreading the love. They're both bohemian by nature and I love that about them. They also remind me of my teacher Brother Frank was also bohemian. They are true visionaries & overcome the odds in life with no regrets. Pure Rebels! I love it!
Things I Don't Like:
I don't admire people who judge people without a cause for we all as humans fall short of perfection.
Things I do in my freetime:
When I work to much, I love to stay home & practically do nothing such as not thinking or talking on the phone. I love the essence of peace & quiet in the home. I love to browse FB&Twitter. Sometimes, I read, listen to music, take a walk, go to the movies, go out of town for one day, visit my friends, travel with DD using my vacation hours. Anything that is spontaneous!
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
On a rainy day, you can find me.........OUT IN THE RAIN. If it's a nice warm rain, I'll walk in it with no umbrella. If it's cold rain, I'd like to curl up with a very good unpredictable novel or a good old fashion black and white classic movie.
Dream Vacation
Well my first dream came true! Visiting the UK. I want to go back. I love it there. My second dream vacation: Italy.
Fav Music:
I love all kinds of music from the beginning of time up to the present as long as it is appealing to my ears with harmony.
Fav CD:
ALL YOU NEED IS NOW - it's time to get another CD. I pretty much maxed that poor thing to death, now it's skipping on one so
Fav Song:
Favorite? That's very hard to just chose one when there are many. For starters now, I'd say The Man Who Stole A Leopard. I'
Concerts Attended:
1984-Columbia, MD Arena Tour
2005-Philadlephia, PA and Kansas, MO Sunrise Tour
2011-Boston, MA All You Need Is Now Tour
2011-London, UK All You Need is Now Tour
2011-Sheffield, UK All You Need is Now Tour
2012-New York, New York Terminal 5 w/Steve Aoki
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
Fav Movies:
Titanic, Star Trek (New Generation) Avatar, El Cantante, Horrible Bosses, Snow White, Avengers
Fav TV Shows:
Don't watch TV, used to but it bores me, nothing to stimulate my brain. If I have to watch TV it would be on digital cable: History Channel, All American Classic Movies.
Fav Books:
Old classics, science fiction, biographies, cookbooks, mysteries
Fav Sports:
Fav Places:
nature, beaches
Fav Foods:
Spanish, Italian, Greek, Indian, Carribean, Chinese as long as it doesn't include: mayo, mushrooms and provolone cheese.
Fav Drinks:
Juice and water enhanced beverages.
Fav Websites:
Don't have a favorite
My Politics:
Never discuss politics unless it's with my closests friends
Fav Art:
Renoir - captures life
Degas - The Dancer
I believe in the Creator but not in religion for religion is a system created by man.
I believe you can achieve anything and make all things possible with faith.
Other Networks: You Tube and Twitter
If I were an animal:
If I were an animal I'd be a bird so I can travel freely with no cares in the world.
If I were King(Queen):
First thing I'd do if I were a Queen: promote love and peace

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