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I have many slogans. XD

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Born: June 17

Lives: Belém,

Last Login: 2016-02-08 02:14:16

My Slogan:
I have many slogans. XD
About Me:
Actress and Role Player. Musician. Singer. Writer. Painter. DIYer. Duranie. Whovian. Trekker. Doll collector. Owner of LEVLOG on Youtube.
Musician / Writer / Actress / Designer
Places I Have Lived:
Only Rio and now Belem.
Places I have Traveled:
A lot, but all in Brazil.
Grew up in:
Rio de Janeiro
Architecture, cars, dolls (specially Barbie), Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, music, movies, Norway, Vikings, ancient history, Japan, literature, The Beatles *specially Paul McCartney* London, cooking, opera, and many more.
Fav Quote:
Every world is my world.
There are laws in the universe.
Here For:
Duran duran of course! xD

No, seriously, I\'m here for friends, as I am for friends everywhere I go.
Things I Like:
David Tennant. Love him to bits. Simon Lebon is a role model, has been since I was 14. Keanu Reeves. Bryan Ferry. David Bowie.
Things I Don't Like:
People who lie to themselves. People who lie to orders just to obtain advantage.
Things I do in my freetime:
Read, write,draw,sing/compose/play (guitar, keyboards, cello), watch movies and series, cook...
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
At, home, sleeping, if destiny is nice. If not, I\'ll be in college, or working.
Dream Vacation
OF COURSE going to London, the city I dream to visit since I was a 13 year old Beatlemaniac!

The mountains in Rio de Janeiro are actually a second choice, very nice.
Fav Music:
Guess what? Duran duran! xD

But not only DD, let me see...hm.. The Beatles, of course...Paul McCartney, Queen/Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Stones, Roxy Music, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Japan, Tears for fears, A-ha, YMO, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento, Lulu Santos, Igor Stravinsky, Rachmaninov, Brahms, Richard Wagner, and last but not least the good old Ludwig.

There\'s a lot more, but I will remember, in time.
Fav CD:
At the moment, Roxy Music\'s \"Country Life.\"

Of Duran duran, \"Paper Gods\" refuses to leave my mind. *The Universe Alone
Fav Song:
Lately, The Universe Alone. Of all time, Ordinary World.
Concerts Attended:
Duran duran\'s Red Carpet Massacre @ VivoRio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 23rd 2008.

A-ha\'s Ending on a High Note @ CredicardHall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 10th 2010.

Paul McCartney\'s Up And Coming Tour @ Engenhao, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 05th 2011.

Duran Duran\'s AYNIN @ Credicard Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 30th 2012.

A-ha\'s Cast In Steel Tour @ Hydro Barcarena, Belem, PA, Brazil, October 2nd 2015.

Paul McCartney\'s up and coming tour, May 23rd, 2011, Rio de Jane
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
From Belém to Rio de Janeiro, believe me, it\'s a LONG trip. And very expensive too. u.u

Money is actually the only thing stopping me to follow duran duran all over the world.
Fav Movies:
Clockwork Orange, GREASE, Gone With The Wind, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Lake House, The day the Earth Stood Still (both versions, 1953 and 2009), 2001 a Space Odissey, Indiana Jones series, Star Wars series, Harry Potter, American Psicho, all Batman movies, Bossa Nova, Thumbsucker, Die Hard 1 and 3, Highlander 1 and 4, Kenneh Branagh\'s Hamlet, Casanova, Dangerous Liasions, Bram Stocker\'s Dracula, Dracula Dead and loving it, Spy Hard, all Terminator movies, Rambo, Beatles\' A Hard Days Nig
Fav TV Shows:

Also Broadchurch.
Fav Books:
Oscar Wilde\'s \"The picture of Dorian Gray\", Martin Amis\' \"London Fields\", Ian Fleming\'s \"You only live Twice\", Anton Tchekov\'s \"The Cherry Orchard\", Shakespeare\'s \"Hamlet\". Actually all Shakespeare.
Fav Sports:
I like to watch soccer, and I like to practice Kendo.
Fav Places:
First of all my own bed (lol) and London, which I never been to but someday hopefully will.
Fav Foods:
Chinese/ Japanese, Italian, and the one I make.
Fav Drinks:
Anything with cherry in it. Or chocolate. Or vodka.

I also like some white wine.
Fav Websites:

My Politics:
8.3 Right and 27.8 Liberal. Milton Friedman\'s views agree with what I believe.
Fav Art:
I like acting, but I also like painting, music...not big fan of sculpture, but who knows? Depends on the piece.

I love photography, although I\'m not really good at it. Lately I\'ve been doing lots of Fashion dolls photoshoots to exercise.
Asatru / Heathen. Above all, I believe in the nine noble virtues.
There are laws in the universe.





If I were an animal:
A cat, belonging to a very rich woman/man. Eating, sleeping and playing all day long sounds like a great animal life.
If I were King(Queen):
I\'d use education to decrease chavism.

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