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Ars Gratia Artis.

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Born: May 19

Lives: Des Moines, Iowa
United States

Last Login: 2015-12-08 12:41:32

My Slogan:
Ars Gratia Artis.
About Me:
Always look ahead, up, and forward!
Research Associate, (perspiring) model, actor, musician, author.
Places I Have Lived:
Des Moines, Iowa; Clearwater, Florida, Gig Harbor, Washington.
Places I have Traveled:
England, Canada, Mexico, all over the U.S.
Schools I have Attended:
University Of Iowa, Linguistics
Grew up in:
Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
Your Sign:
Things I do in my freetime:
Write poetry and my first novel, music, video games, crossword fanatic.
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
Probably inside mastering the latest Resident Evil game. That, or outside like a lunatic!
Dream Vacation
Either somewhere in The East or Europe...
Fav CD:
Impossible to say!
Fav Song:
At the moment, I'd have to say Still Breathing. Means a lot to me.
Concerts Attended:
Heavens...upwards of 15 or more now, I believe.
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
New York City & Vancouver, B.C.
Fav Movies:
Saving Private Ryan, Malena, Delicatessen, Band Of Brothers, Brazil, Seven, The Ring.
Fav Books:
"Our Culture, What's Left Of It: The Mandarins And The Masses"
Fav Foods:
Indian, Hungarian, Italian, my own cooking :)
Fav Drinks:
The Sidecar!
Fav Websites:
Shorpy.com, Penny-arcade.com, various political sites (I'm a current events junkie!)
My Politics:
Fav Art:
Most anything before 1920 (think John Singer Sargent)
If I were King(Queen):
Music for everyone!

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