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Play the f****n bass John!!!!

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Born: May 11

Lives: Glen Eden, Auckalnd,
New Zealand

Last Login: 2016-11-02 22:24:01

My Slogan:
Play the f****n bass John!!!!
About Me:
I'll be a Duranie till the day I die!
Medical Lab Technician
Places I Have Lived:
Places I have Traveled:
Places I have Worked:
Medical Labs, Food Lab, Bank, Health Insurance Company, School Lunchroom.
Schools I have Attended:
Rosebank primary, Avondale Intermediate, Avondale College
Grew up in:
West Auckland - the home of Outrageous Fortune!
Your Sign:
Things I do in my freetime:
Listen to music,read,spend time with family,go to concerts
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
Dream Vacation
Following Duran Duran around the world!
Fav Music:
Duh!!!! Duran Duran of course!
Fav CD:
Fav Song:
Save a Prayer, Box full of honey, Leave a light on
Concerts Attended:
Auckland 2003,2008, London 2011 and Sydney 2012.
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
In my home town and I had to wait till I was 33! Flew from New Zealand to London December 2011 and then to Sydney March 2012.
Fav Movies:
Seven Brides for Seven brothers, Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Bond movies,
Fav Books:
In the Pleasure Groove (of course!), Late late at night - Rick Springfield, The family nobody wanted - Helen Doss, Old before my time - Hayley Okines, Beautiful - Katie Piper, The chicken soup for the soul series
If I were an animal:
I'd be a pampered cat!
If I were King(Queen):
Get JT to marry me! Sorry hubby but you know JT always has a place in my heart..... ;p

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