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Just plot a new course.

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Born: December 4

Lives: York, Pennsylvania
United States

Last Login: 2013-12-17 01:25:06

My Slogan:
Just plot a new course.
About Me:
Talking about me bores me.
Writer. Mom.
Places I Have Lived:
Pennsylvania; Texas.
Places I have Traveled:
France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Bermuda, California, Texas, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Key West, Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, more states...
Places I have Worked:
UPS. Caterpillar.
Schools I have Attended:
Grew up in:
Your Sign:
Fire Hazard.
Writing, reading, hiking, kayaking, camping, random road trips, showing my son around the world he lives in.
Fav Quote:
Plot a new course.

Suck it.
Be kind, compassionate, empathetic, and calm, despite what is coming from others. Because what matters is your "matter". Only you have to live with you.
Here For:
Things I Like:
I admire the members of Duran Duran for their art & for all they've overcome. I admire my son because he learns, listens & sees the world around him. I admire my BFF Amy because she perseveres through a deadly illness, to lobby in DC for awareness of Gastroparesis, & her dedication to Bret Michaels because of all he has overcome & the kindness he shows his fans. I'm happy to drive her to his concerts & to wait in line til late in the night for his Meet n Greets, at which he always remembers Amy
Things I Don't Like:
People who allow their insecurities to propel them in to a state of offense that manifests as bullying.
Things I do in my freetime:
Play with my son. Write. Groom the dog and the cats. Cut wild flowers. Facebook stalk my friends.
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
Chasing my muddy son around the yard. Probably dealing with a rain migraine... a Raingraine.
Dream Vacation
Take my best girlfriends, my brothers, and my son back to the south of France and rent a private villa on the Med.
Fav Movies:
Heartbreak Ridge.
Fav TV Shows:
Mentalist. Psyche. Burn Notice. Supernatural. Charmed. History channel.
Fav Books:
Pavane (Dance for the Dead Princess); Evergreen Saga.
Fav Sports:
Fav Places:
My back yard; Austin, Tx; Snoqualmie, Wa; Xilitla, Mexico; Villefranche, France.
Fav Foods:
Vegetarian, all veggies, Japanese.
Fav Drinks:
Coffee; cafe mocha; water.
My Politics:
Green/Democrat with a dash of Libertarian... without the stock-piling weapons weirdness.
Fav Art:
Written word.
Unitarian Universalist. All bases covered, including my Atheism.
Be kind, compassionate, empathetic, and calm, despite what is coming from others. Because what matters is your "matter". Only you have to live with you.
If I were an animal:
I wouldn't be typing.
If I were King(Queen):
Jet packs for everyone!

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