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I have to go now, my giraffe is on fire

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Born: January 13

Lives: Doncaster,
United Kingdom

Last Login: 2020-12-09 10:44:00

My Slogan:
I have to go now, my giraffe is on fire
About Me:
Ive been a DD fan since I heard the Reflex when I was 11. They\\\'ve been the soundtrack of my life ever since.
Married to an Air Ambulance helicopter pilot, unschooling my youngest, supporting my eldest through college, working my fledgling businesses from home.
Happy home maker with a side of mompreneur
Places I Have Lived:
Dundee | Edinburgh | Aberdeenshire | Yorkshire
Places I have Traveled:
Most of Europe | Kenya | Turkey | New York | North Virginia
Places I have Worked:
Edinburgh Castle | Scottish Government | Happy Home
Schools I have Attended:
Dundee University
Grew up in:
Aberdeen, Scotland
Your Sign:
Capricorn | INFJ
Doodling | Inking | Kite-flying | Aromatherapy | Jewellery Making | Yoga | Self Development | Design
Fav Quote:
Wild Orchid in the wind, you know just where its blowin’
If you cant say nuffin nice, dont say nuffin at all
Here For:
Info and pretty pictures
Things I Like:
My Husband | My Parents | Good Manners
Things I Don't Like:
My previous husband | narcissistic sociopaths
Things I do in my freetime:
Be creative | Learn | Listen to self development podcasts
Where to find me on a Rainy Day:
In an art gallery | crafting on the kitchen table | making pancakes
Dream Vacation
Hawaii with a stop either way in New York
Fav Music:
DD + KT Tunstall are on constant rotation
Fav CD:
Fav Song:
Planet Earth
Concerts Attended:
Pop Trash | Greatest | Reunion | Astronaut x 2 | Cork Music Festival Ireland | RCM @ Lyceum | AYNIN x 2 | missed PG Glasgow due to illness| going to Lytham and Scarborough
The farthest I have travelled to see a show is:
Cork, Ireland
Fav Movies:
Anything by Baz Lurhman | anything with Jake Gyllenhaal - Ewan McGregor - Pierce Brosnan |
Fav TV Shows:
The Good Wife | Game of Thrones | Outlander | The Crown
Fav Books:
Diana Gabaldons Outlander series for some escapism | Heavyweight classics are my favourite reads
Fav Places:
Any sandy beach in the sunshine | my back garden with my family | Venice
Fav Foods:
Mexican | Italian | anything I dont have to cook!
Fav Drinks:
G&T | Corona | Pukka herbal tea | Highland Spring sparkling water
My Politics:
I pick’n’mix
Fav Art:
Modernism | Glasgow Four | Cubism
Music is my New Religion
If you cant say nuffin nice, dont say nuffin at all
If I were an animal:
I’d be a soaring bird - I used to paraglide and I love the tranquility and the views
If I were King(Queen):
Skate around Buckingham Palace listening to Duran Duran!

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