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Katy's Kafe
One of our most popular exclusive features! Members of Duranduranmusic.com can hear Roger, Nick, John & Simon discuss the latest band happenings, what's going on in their lives and occasionally, a scoop or two!

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As a member of DDM, you’ll have chances to experience Duran Duran like nowhere else! We give you the chance to be right there with the band at events such as live tapings of morning or late night shows, live concerts or even store signings with front of line access. It’s truly a once in a lifetime Duran Duran fan experience!

We never let a month go by without a giveaway, usually tied to a Written Q&A we're featuring that month. Be it a book about the band, a signed item or new product ,this member exclusive is the gift that keeps giving!

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Written Interviews
Ever wonder what it's like to produce a Duran Duran track? Or go on tour with the band? Or love Duran Duran so much as a youth that as an adult you write a book and put their name in the title? Our written interviews from people behind the scenes with Duran Duran are fascinating, exclusive to Fan Community members and never a dull read!

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