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Duran Duran Reveal Headline Show Headline Show at Scarborough Open Air Theatre [2020-10-31]

Touch the Sunrise with Duran Duran [2020-10-31]

Nick's 2020 Halloween Playlist (scary!) [2020-10-30]

Roger's 2020 Halloween Playlist [2020-10-29]

Member Exclusive Q&A with Mr. Steve Ferrone! [2020-09-23]

New New New Member Q&A with Drummer Steve Ferrone! [2020-09-23]

New - Sept Kafe with John !! [2020-09-17]

Paper Gods 5th Anniversary! [2020-09-16]


ICYMI - John and Nick on Instagram live! [2020-08-16]

Where to hear Simon's WHOOOSH! Podcast [2020-08-16]

Duran Duran to Participate in National Album Day UK [2020-08-12]

August Kafe with Simon! [2020-08-12]

Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2020 is coming on Monday! [2020-08-07]

Listen to WHOOOSH! 16 on Spotify! [2020-07-19]

BRAND NEW Kafe with Nick!! [2020-07-03]

New SWAG in the DD Web Shop - Use your Fan Comm discount!! [2020-06-30]

Member Exclusive Q & A with Marketing whiz Daphne Briggs! [2020-06-23]

New Q&A! [2020-06-23]

POP TRASH 20 [2020-06-19]


Duran Duran Re-Scheduled Dublin Date [2020-06-11]

John's STONE LOVE BASS ODYSSEY [2020-05-16]

Nick in the May Kafe! [2020-05-16]

"Ordinary World" Live Version for Fans [2020-05-12]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with Writer Crispin Kott [2020-05-12]

New Q&A in the member exclusive section with writer Crispin Kott [2020-05-12]

Duran Duran and David Lynch Announce Omaze Campaigns to Support “Heal the Healers Now” [2020-05-03]

Whooosh on Duran Duran Radio with Simon! [2020-04-24]

New April with Kafe with Roger! [2020-04-16]


Duran Duran Summer Show - Update [2020-04-06]

A Note from John Taylor [2020-04-06]

Duran Duran Twitter "chats" [2020-04-06]

A Message from Duran Duran [2020-03-19]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with Bridey Heidel! [2020-03-17]

New Member Only Q&A with Bridey Heidel! [2020-03-17]

New March Kafe with Simon! [2020-03-10]

Duran Duran Celebrate 40 Years with First Show in London in Five Years [2020-03-09]

Duran Duran Return to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, May 1-2 [2020-03-03]

Duran Duran's A DIAMOND IN THE MIND on PBS (US) [2020-02-26]

Duran Duran, a-ha, Xutos & Pontapés and Bush complete Rock and Rio Lisboa’s Sunday, June 27 lineup [2020-02-19]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with "There's Something You Should Know" Director Zoe Dobson! [2020-02-19]

New Q&A in the Member Exclusive Section! [2020-02-19]

Duran Duran to headline Sommarkväll Med… in Sweden on Sunday May, 31 [2020-02-06]

The Annual Oscar Kafe is here! [2020-02-05]

New Kafe with John !! [2020-01-31]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with Engineer Snake Newton! [2020-01-16]

Latest Member Exclusive Q&A with Engineer Snake Newton! [2020-01-16]

Duran Duran to headline Jelling Musikfest in May [2020-01-09]

Year End Kafes for 2019: John, Roger , Nick & Simon! [2019-12-13]

Duran Duran To perform at Isle of Wight Festival, June 14 [2019-12-10]

Duran Duran announce their highly anticipated return to Ireland [2019-12-06]

Four Weeks of Giving from the Duran Duran Fan Community! [2019-12-01]

Member Exclusive Q&A with Dom! [2019-11-15]

New Q&A with Dom! [2019-11-15]

Roger Remembers ARENA [2019-11-12]

Centrepoint marks 50 years tackling youth homelessness with Gala and charity performances by Duran Duran and Rita Ora [2019-11-06]

New Birthday Kafe with Simon! [2019-10-23]

New Q&A with Looloo! [2019-10-23]

Member Exclusive Q&A with Backstage Coordinator Looloo Murphy! [2019-10-17]

Member Exclusive Q&A with Peavey's Chris Kelly [2019-10-01]

Q&A with Peavey's Chris Kelly [2019-10-01]

New Katy's Kafe with Roger! [2019-09-18]

Member Exclusive Q&A with movie director Naeem Mahmood [2019-08-18]

Member Exclusive Q&A with movie director Naeem Mahmood [2019-08-18]

New Member Only Q&A ! [2019-08-18]

Q&As in the Member Exclusive section [2019-08-06]

#DDAD19 is here! [2019-08-06]

Simon in the July Kafe! [2019-07-30]

Q&A with Christina Korp of The Aldrin Foundation [2019-07-07]

Interview with Christina Korp of The Aldrin Foundation! [2019-07-07]

Duran Duran to Rock the Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex [2019-06-28]

Member Exclusive Q&A - Icelandic PR and Marketing Whiz Ragnar Mar Vilhjalmsson [2019-06-17]

New Kafe with Nick! [2019-06-05]

New Kafe with JT! [2019-05-20]

Duran Duran Add Six More Dates in September [2019-05-12]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with Ansgar Thomann [2019-05-12]

New Q&A in the Member Exclusive Section! [2019-05-12]

New Kafe with Roger!! [2019-04-22]

Duran Duran confirm their first concert in Iceland this summer for more than a decade [2019-04-15]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with EMI/Parlophone's Nigel Reeve! [2019-04-12]

New Member Exclusive Q&A (with rad giveaway!) [2019-04-12]

Brevard Cultural Alliance Announces 2019 Cultural Summit Featuring a Conversation With Simon Le Bon, Leader of Duran Duran [2019-03-30]

Duran Duran to Headline Grandview Stage as Kaaboo Del Mar Returns [2019-03-21]

Duran Duran at Tinderbox Festival [2019-03-21]

Simon in the newest Katy's Kafe! [2019-03-18]

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Announces Special Guests For 34th AnnualL InductionCeremony [2019-03-13]

So this Happened [2019-03-13]

Duran Duran ‘As The Lights Go Down’ for Record Store Day [2019-03-13]

Member Exclusive Q & A - Troy Vest of Essential Artist Services I [2019-03-13]

New Q&A in the Member Exclusive Section! [2019-03-13]

Katy & Nick's Annual Oscar Kafe is here! [2019-02-22]

JT in the January Kafe! [2019-01-23]

Member Exclusive Q & A - David Medina, media artist [2019-01-16]

First Member Exclusive Q&A for 2019! [2019-01-16]

Happy New Year from Duran Duran [2019-01-16]



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